I just love all things cute and “two bite” potatoes are no exception.

Now that I am blogging, I go grocery shopping several times a week. I never know how many times I will need to make a recipe before it is “blog worthy,” and with deadlines to meet that means I might make the same thing 2 or 5 times in a week. Plus, I want to get what looks good and fresh. Not just for the blog, but because I am tired of vegetables that look “ehh” and then them being bitter, starchy, or woody. Produce makes up a huge portion of our diet, so I need it nice and fresh.

One problem with this is getting what looks good/fresh sometimes gets confused with “oh cute POTATOES!” Yeah. My budget is not a fan of that. Still trying to figure this out while recipe developing and food allergies on a budget. Plus, I just have to get cute produce…

Cute potatoes are just dying to be roasted. I know this because I asked. Right after I explained to them the word “anthropomorphism.” Surprisingly good conversationalists.

Even if potatoes must be roasted they don’t have to be served just by themselves. Granted, that is good and has it’s own place. But these cute potatoes wanted to be made into potato salad. No arguing with that.

So, I sliced some red onions, made a simple dressing, some hemp Parmesan substitute  and salad-ed those roasted potatoes. Then my cute daughter ate almost all of it…