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Sometimes salsa is just salsa. Other times, it’s a reminder of the sweetness of summer, the freshness of food straight out of the garden, and all of the fun and relaxing times you’ve had eating it out on the back deck. That’s what this one is. I love to make salsa in the summer with the freshest veggies I can get my hands on and then freeze a bunch for the winter when I need a little taste of sunshine!

I would say this salsa is mild, but it does have a jalapeño in it, so it still has some pep! If you prefer your salsa on the spicier side, just add another pepper or two. You could easily even make it both ways by mixing it up with 1 pepper, dividing that evenly between two bowls, pulsing another seeded pepper in the blender until minced, and mixing that by hand into one of the bowls. Just try to remember which bowl is which (perhaps two different colored bowls?) so you don’t burn the tongue off someone who is sensitive to spiciness!

No matter what, this salsa couldn’t get any easier and has none of the preservatives that make store bought salsa more acidic and harder on people’s stomachs. Just straight fresh veggies (since we’re speaking culinarily, I’m calling tomatoes a vegetable right now…dun dun dunn!) and a smidgen of red wine vinegar! Take your salsa “au naturale” by mixing this up on the day of a big game to serve at a tailgate, or just to use up your end of summer veggies and freeze this deliciousness for later when you need a taste of summer! It’s a major crowd pleaser on its own and is my absolute favorite salsa ever – I especially think it is the best served on top of these tacos! Give it a try…your friends, families, and stomach will thank you! 😉

Oh – and as for chips to serve with this salsa, I’d go with Tostitos Baked Scoops – They are crisp, perfect for scooping up the yumminess, and are super natural with just a handful of ingredients!

Save it for later

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