Tonight’s Dinner Recipe


Need an easy recipe for tonight’s dinner? You are going to love the one that I am sharing with you guys. With just a handful of ingredients, you will have a tasty meal ready in 20 minutes in front of you. You just need green beans, potatoes, chicken, and any dressing mix that will help you create a comforting meal. There is no need to prep anything except for just cutting your veggies.

The flavors are perfect and my family enjoys them. After a hectic day of work, this recipe in just one dish is a life-saver. Try out in any style with different veggies and spices, you are going to love every single one of them.

What to serve with tonight’s dinner chicken, green beans, and potatoes?

You can have some dinner roll type of pasta, and bread. Like I recently made a side of cheesy garlic bread because my family loves it no matter what meal I cook.

Can I use other vegetables in tonight’s recipe?

Yes, of course, you can. You can use any vegetable you like and it will turn out to be the perfect dish for your dinner. Make sure to cut them in the same size and check the time for each vegetable to cook. Like potatoes require more time than peas or broccoli. So, make sure to cut them smaller or larger based on your cooking time.

Can I use any other seasoning than the Italian dressing mix?

Yes, I have been using ranch and Cajun seasoning for my meals. It turns out to be perfect and the flavors will make you fall in love with this amazing recipe.

Why some of the chicken breasts are not cooked?

Commonly, the chicken breasts’ sizes are not the same. Make sure that they are of the same size as it could be ½ thickness. So, you can cook it evenly and have the perfect dinner ready for your family.

Why the potatoes are not done?

It is because of the same reason as the chicken that the potatoes might not be of the same size. For example, when we are boiling the potatoes, if you are using a small and a big one, they will never be cooked at the same speed. Cut them in small sizes so you can ready your meal fast.

What to use fresh or canned veggies?

I always use the fresh ones but in this recipe, I am trying the canned beans and it turned out to be perfect.

Should I use russet or Yukon gold potatoes?

Mostly I make tonight’s dinner with Yukon gold potatoes but the russet and red ones are also perfect for this recipe. Some people also try it with the baby potatoes and you will still love the taste.

Tonight’s dinner recipe

Need an easy recipe for tonight’s dinner? You are going to love the one that I am sharing with you guys. With just a handful of ingredients
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  • Butter 1 stick Melt it in the microwave
  • Chicken breasts 3 cubed
  • Green beans 2 cans
  • Italian dressing mix1 pack
  • Potatoes 3-5 cut into small bites


  • Take a baking pan and grease it for your ingredients.
  • Add the chicken, beans, and potatoes. Sprinkle the Italian mix and butter on top and mix it properly.
  • Cover it with aluminum foil and bake it for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees F.
  • Your amazing recipe is ready and you can make it with any veggies you like. Customize in any way you like to enjoy the best of tonight’s dinner.



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