Avocado Mozzarella and Tomato Grilled Cheese


Avocado sandwiches are perfect for your everyday meal, especially for lunch. It is filled with essential nutrients and delicious flavors, making the right choice for kids. I have been making these for a very long time and it is mostly for the kid’s lunch boxes for schools or when they want to eat something for lunch. It has been my go-to recipe for a healthy choice. You can never go wrong with it and can add ingredients and customize it in any way.

I will be using the juicy cherry tomatoes but if you don’t have them use the regular ones. Add celery, onions, cucumber, and anything you like to enhance the flavors of your sandwiches. I even add some spices and make some extra ranch sauce as well for tea time. It surely gives a nice touch of flavor and the kids love it. You can never go wrong making it for the bigger events and gatherings.

So, let’s dive into this amazing recipe that will only take less than 10 minutes of your time.

Avocado Mozzarella and Tomato Grilled Cheese ingredients:

  • Butter half teaspoon
  • Wholewheat bread 2 slices (You can use any type of bread you like)
  • Avocado half sliced
  • Mozzarella cheese 5 slices (You can even use the grated one of the slices are not available)
  • Cherry tomatoes 3 cuts into small slices

Avocado Mozzarella and Tomato Grilled Cheese procedure:

  1. Start by buttering your slices real nice so they are nice and crispy in the end.
  2. Put one slice and make sure it is the one with the butter side down. Add all your ingredients on the top and add the second slice with the butter side on top. Heat both sides on low heat until the cheese starts to melt.
  3. In less than 10 minutes, this delicious and wholesome avocado mozzarella and tomato grilled cheese are ready.

Variations for the recipe:

You can add boiled eggs to your sandwich with salt and pepper to boost the level of protein in your meals.
If you want to add some flavors and do not want to use any spices, then always go for baby pickles. They are perfect for sandwiches and the kids love them.
For customizing this recipe, you can go for grilled chicken and veggies for making a whole new recipe. The other ingredients can be the same and you will have a grilled cheese sandwich ready.
You can also add some olives and mushrooms with ketchup and mayo spread on the slices. The slices can be cooked ahead of time with butter so they are nice and crispy.

Are avocados sandwiches healthy?

Yes, they are. Avocados are indeed perfect for those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and cut down on carbs. You can use any low-calorie cheese and olive oil rather than butter. You will have a great meal ready for weight loss. Avocados also provide many health benefits that make them the perfect choice for your meal.

What if I have avocado spread at home?

You can even use avocado spread in this sandwich and it will taste perfectly fine.