10 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With A Girl Who Travels


There’s always an interesting story to be told when you’re with a woman who travels.

1. Because intelligence is the new sexy

Who doesn’t love an intelligent girl? One who has seen more of the world rather than just the view out of her bedroom window? A girl who travels is attractive because her mind is sophisticated and beautiful. She constantly challenges herself for new knowledge and adventures.

2. She is open-minded

She is willing to step out of her comfort zone to see places and meet people of all backgrounds. Instead of judging someone’s lifestyle, she’s fascinated with and open to all kinds of cultures.

3. She doesn’t need a man

She is self-sufficient and never needy. She knows how to screw in a light bulb. She knows how to cook well and doesn’t spend too much money eating out. She enjoys her personal space and doesn’t need a man to accompany her in everything she does. She’s too busy meeting new people and exploring new places that she doesn’t have to worry about looking for someone who will go with her to the end of the journey.

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4. She is mature

After so many times getting lost, missing flights, and having said goodbyes to the best people she has ever met, she will find every misstep a learning experience and every goodbye a memory.

5. She always has a story to tell

She is the one who saves all her plane tickets and collect cute little things of souvenir. Her wall is full of pictures of her friends all around the world. Her stories are never boring because she lives a life worth reading about.

6. She takes a stand

She might be stubborn but she dares to speak her mind and makes sure she is understood.

7. Life with her is always interesting

She takes the chance whenever possible. She will take you on a spontaneous weekend road trip. Your life will be full of memories and never be boring.

8. She knows herself

A girl who travels learns from the places she has seen and the people she has talked to. She know who she is and where she is going but isn’t afraid of getting lost.

9. She never takes anyone for granted

A girl who travels will probably meet and have a lot of great friends. Chances are she’s also the one who has to say a lot of goodbyes, some of which are forever. She knows the value of little things and cherishes the time spent with everyone she has crossed paths with. For she knows this moment might be an once-in-a-lifetime.

10. She couldn’t care less about material possessions

She doesn’t care how many pairs of shoes she has. As long as they take her places. She does not embrace material possessions but cherish the unique experiences she has had.

Sure, life with her is full of uncertainty but also full of surprises and memories. And that’s the best kind of life.


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