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Okay, what I’m about to tell you may seem a little weird. I’ve never made goulash before this. I know, I know, it’s pretty standard fare. I have certainly eaten my fair share, and I’ve made lots and lots of Hamburger Helper, which this dish kind of reminds me of. I’ve just never made it before, and I don’t know why. Anyway, that is why you will have to believe me when I say anyone can make it. It’s simple enough to get it right the first time. This is a yummy, comforting dish. In fact, while I was taking pictures of the bowlful, I kept going back to the pot and taking a bite! Bad, bad, bad. Not too bad, though, because I made it with ground turkey instead of ground beef. I never missed the beef.

I started with Bobby Deen’s recipe (here), but I changed it up quite a bit. As I said, I used ground turkey instead of beef . I also made some adjustments to the spices, and I added a kick with a little bit of red pepper flake. I also made less, using a pound of meat instead of three.

Try my version, or try Bobby’s, but definitely make this inexpensive yet simple and hearty meal for your family.

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  1. Thomas Dempsey

    you stated that “Bobbys’ recipe was on the page but I couldn’t find it in the article. Do you mind sending it?

    • Carol

      Go to pauladeen.com for Bobby’s recipe.

      Janet, I’ve never made goulash either! But I didn’t know it was so close to an Italian recipe either with the seasonings. I guess you can make it your own by tinkering with any recipe like this!

      Thanks for all your recipes.

  2. Al Hornsby

    We call this mixture “slum gullian”. Very good any time, even cold!

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