Fried cabbage with bacon and onion recipe


This bacon and onion fried cabbage recipe is salty, sweet, buttery, hearty, and delicious!

This is hands down my favorite cabbage and bacon recipe, super simple, easy, and delicious in one pan, one of the most delicious dishes you can make to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

If you love cabbage and bacon, This recipe is one you’ll be wanting to eat over and over again.

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Slightly sweet, slightly salty, rich in butter, and full of crispy bacon: this bacon fried cabbage is certain to be your next absolute favorite easy dish!

This keto cabbage dish is naturally low carb , making it an excellent choice for keto, low carb, paleo, and gluten-free diets.

Just take me to the bacon and onion fried cabbage already!
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Cutting cabbage is super easy when done the right way: this easy technique will save you frustration and time in the kitchen by cutting cabbage evenly!

Start by placing your head of cabbage on its base.

Using a sharp, long knife, cut it in half.

Cut the halves into quarters.

With your knife, cut the bottom stem (the hard, solid inside of the cabbage) off the cabbage wedges and discard.

Then, cut the quarters into 2-3 long pieces.

Cut the cabbage into 1-2 ″ squares.

Discard any limp or soft outer leaves.

How to keep bacon crispy

To keep your bacon chewy, crispy, and delicious in this recipe but still give the dish tons of bacon flavor, it’s essential to keep it crisp and then remove it to the side while the cabbage cooks.

If you add bacon to the pan and leave it in, it can become soft and soggy, harder to eat, and, frankly, less flavorful.

Make sure to just leave bacon grease in the pan after you remove it so that you can get all that smoky, meaty flavor instilled in your cabbage while you cook it!

Add the bacon to the pan after much of the cabbage’s moisture has cooked out, or it will absorb the water from the cabbage.

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  1. Chyloe kenda

    5 stars
    The cabbage,bacon, and potatoes recipe was sooo good!Now a favorite in our home. I really like how you gave us directions on how to cut the cabbage better, and keeping bacon crisp. Thank you so much for a wonderful recipe. Chyloe

  2. Geri

    Ever try to bake your bacon. 400° 15-20 min, turn, 15 more min until done. Dont let it burn. It is a new kind of crispy. Yum.

  3. Andrya L Nelson

    5 stars

  4. Suriry

    5 stars
    Love it

  5. Brittany Jutze

    I would like to have this full recipe for bacon fried cabbage

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