The Perfect Pie Crust in Eight Steps

Don't Lose This Recipe

I was going to call this “Pastry Dough for Dummies.” And then it occurred to me — you guys are all outrageously intelligent!

I know there are a bajillion pie crust tutorials out there in the food blogging world (ooh, especially this month), and yet pastry dough is still notorious for being so intimidating to a lot of home bakers. Chances are good that a lot of you already know a lot of this, but if you’re one of the many people out there who gets sweaty palms at the thought of making your own pie crust, then this is for you. And even if you’ve made dozens of pie crusts, you might still learn a cool thing or two, right?

Here are your basic rules:

1. Measure each ingredient very carefully.

2. Keep everything COLD.

3. Don’t knead or overwork the dough.

Let’s dig right in.

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Don't Lose This Recipe

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Don't Lose This Recipe

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