Christmas Sugar Cookies


I have six vacation days to use up by the end of the year.  Vacation Day 1:  5 hours spent scrubbing the house and 5 hours spent piddling with cookies to undo all of the scrubbing.

Sugar Cookie Recipe ( .  First, mix your base colors.  For these cookies, I only needed light blue, red and flesh color.

Spread the base color on the cookie right up to the edges.  As you can see with the Santa heads and stockings, you can go outside the read area because you’ll be piping white frosting for the trims.

For the snow globes, pipe white frosting for snow and then build a snowman with three circles.  Add a thin line of chocolate frosting for the stick arms:

Pipe trees and add sprinkle eyes, carrot (Halloween Mix usually has a long orange sprinkle perfect for carrot noses) and buttons:

To finish the snow globe, pipe a red scarf and mittons and add snowflake sprinkles.  For the trees, pipe several layers of zig-zagging texture for realness of depth.  Add red berry sprinkles with tweezers for the berry garland.

For the Santas, after you spread the red frosting, spread the flesh tone frosting.  To mix flesh tone frosting, I used white as the base, added a toothpick smear of the red frosting, a tap of cocoa powder and a few squirts of some orange frosting.  If you go overboard, you can always add more white to tone it down.  Too pink?  Add more cocoa and/or orange.  Then pipe the trim on the hat, Santa’s hair, beard, mustache and eyebrows with white frosting.  Leave a small space below the mustache and above the beard to pipe a black mouth.  Pipe a nose with the flesh tone and place blue round sprinkles for the eyes.

Trim the houses by piping snow on the roof and chimney, a door, windows revealing a Christmas tree, wreaths, garland, shrubbery, etc.  Place sprinkles along the roof for Christmas lights. Closeup of the House:

Closeup of Santa:

Closeup of Snow Globe:

It may be difficult to see, but the white piping on Santa and the Stockings is sprinkled with white sanding sugar for a little extra glitter.

These are cookies to sink your teeth into.  They are soft, layered and flaky with creamy vanilla and chocolate frosting. Mmmmmmm.



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