Thickly flavored chicken broth, and, the dumplings, the traditional comfort food is stew-like. Its fluffy tiny clouds are made with quick flour, buttermilk, baking powder, butter, and eggs. They are mostly fried and partially steamed directly on top of the chicken stew. Here is an easy and simple recipe for Chicken and dumplings:

How To Make Chicken and Dumpling?

This chicken and dumplings recipe is really easy to make. To make this dish, you will need the following easy ingredients and guidelines:

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  1. Joan

    5 stars
    Looks so good

  2. Johanna Dee Evans

    chicken & dumpling recipe using rotisserie chicken & listed ingredients do not match the recipe that it is linked to. is there one that uses rotisserie chicken?

  3. Laura

    The chicken and dumpling recipe sounds delicious; however, there is no mention how much chicken to use? Help! Thank you!

  4. Donna

    3 stars
    This recipe is hard to follow. It does not tell you how much chicken and then it mentions in the oven, but talks about on the stove. I’m giving it a try and winging parts of it from past experience, but again, this is confusing.

  5. Nina Bramlett

    i love your easy delishuse Recipes

  6. Brett K Keller

    4 stars
    No mention of how much chicken? Whole chicken? I used like two pounds of skin on breasts with rib meat. Didn’t make enough drippings which is why I assume whole chicken. Also says to separate the carrots and assume add the other part with the leeks, but again never mentioned at all. I just added it all in to the pot at once, let it simmer for 10 min, added the roux, then the leeks and carrots for the last 20 min simmer before I added the dumplings. Oh I substituted Bacon Up (shelf stable bacon grease) where I was short chicken fat/drippings. My roux was all bacon fat and the butter

  7. Linda Clark

    Theses recipes looks so delicious and I want to make everything, I love to cook , thank you for sharing these awesome recipes, looking forward to looking daily and making new recipes.❤️

  8. Carol

    I love making chicken and dumplings. I’m going to try this recipe

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