Seven Minute Frosting


If you have never tried the 7-minute frosting, you should, especially when you need urgent frosting at home. It is a traditional recipe taking us back to the 1900s. It is perfectly glossy and tastes so good. But we do recommend using it in a day otherwise it will get runny. With so many advantages and easy-to-make recipes, the only downfall is that you cannot use them for more than 24 hours. 

You can use your seven-minute frosting on coconut, pound and chocolate cake , ice-creams, and trifles. etc. It is a guarantee that you will love making and cooling it at home instead of buying it when the guests are coming over or there is a birthday party. You can cool it quickly and top your desserts with it. It is a yummy recipe that the kids will especially approve of. 

Is 7-minute frosting long-lasting?

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The advantage of 7-minute frosting is to make it easily at home in a few minutes. But the major disadvantage of it is that it cannot hold up after 24 hours. You have to use it instantly and make sure to eat it in 24 hours. 

Should I refrigerate my seven-minute frosting?

Of course, you can. But you must use it as soon as it is cool and done. You should not use it after 24 hours. In some recipes, if you have got the right temperature and made it perfectly, then you can refrigerate it for 24 hours as well. Otherwise, it will get runny after some time staying in the fridge. 

Why my seven-minute frosting is so runny?

When you are making the frosting make sure you are heating it perfectly. Otherwise, the frosting will not be stable and become runny. You can also use a thermometer for getting your temperature right. 

What to do if the frosting is too runnier?

You can only make sure that you follow the steps correctly. The sugar should be added slowly and mixed for a very long time. Make sure to use powdered sugar for making the frosting fluffier. 

Can you freeze the frosting?

Freezing frosting whether the 7-minute recipe or any other is not recommended. You can refrigerate your frosted cakes but never freeze them. The texture gets dry and icy and if you keep it at room temperature it will get runny. All the amazing taste of your frosting is compromised. So, make sure to make a limited quantity of your frosting that you can end in a day. 


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