Butter Pecan Cake


This here cake might look all highfalutin, but don’t let that fool ya. Anyone can whip it up, even if y’all ain’t got a lick of decorating know-how. It’s sure to dazzle your guests this holiday season!

Now, don’t go worrying about slicing up cake layers, which can be a real pain in the behind, since they tend to crumble apart. Instead, just bake two thin cake rounds for those nice, even layers.

And as for the decorating, it’s as easy as pie. Buttercream spreads like a dream, and even if you’re a greenhorn baker, this cake’ll turn out lookin’ real purdy. I’ll be the first to tell ya, pipin’ frosting ain’t exactly my strong suit. But this butter pecan cake? It’s a cinch to frost and smooths on in just one purty layer.

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What Is Butter Pecan ?

This here’s a beloved flavor that you’ll find in all sorts of goodies, like syrup, cookies, cakes, and ice cream. When you take a bite of Butter Pecan, you’ll be tastin’ a mix of nutty toasted pecans, rich brown butter, and just a whisper of vanilla bean.

Here are some tips for making this cake, so you can whip up a real masterpiece:

  1. First off, grease and flour the cake pans to make sure your cakes don’t stick and come out nice and easy. You could also put a round piece of parchment paper at the bottom of the pan, if you’d like.
  2. When you’re making the buttercream, be sure that the butter is at room temperature. It’ll make mixing a breeze, give you the right texture, and keep those pesky lumps away.
  3. Speaking of room temperature, make sure your eggs are at the same temperature when you add them to the batter. It’ll help with even baking. And don’t forget to add eggs one at a time for smooth mixing.
  4. Take it slow when adding the confectioners sugar to the butter in your stand mixer. It’ll save you from a sugar storm and mix everything up just right.
  5. Let that cake cool completely before frosting, or your pretty frosting will melt right off. If y’all don’t have pecans handy, no worries. Just swap them out for walnuts or hazelnuts.



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