Supercharge Your Weekend in Shanghai, China


Have the Time of Your Life in the Biggest City in the World

After backpacking through China, I had two nights to spend in my final destination: Shanghai. The entire trip was a blast, but Shanghai was unquestionably my favorite stop! Read on and I’ll help you supercharge your weekend in Shanghai by making the most of your trip.

Shanghai is known as the Paris of the East, and it’s not hard to see why. I’ve never been to Paris, so it’s hard for me to compare, but my first impression of the city was that it looks like a combination of London, New York, and Beijing. Anything you could dream of wanting, you can find in Shanghai, whether that’s stinky tofu from a street stall or the latest Prada bag.

Walk the Bund as many times as you please

I love skyscrapers and European architecture, and nothing made me happier than walking along the Bund. This is the pedestrian walkway along the river, and it provides an incredible view of the surreal Pudong while you stroll past gorgeous European buildings. It was my first stop after my evening arrival, and I made time to see it during the day as well. Both views are absolutely breathtaking, and I would have been happy just walking down the Bund all day.

Don’t let bad weather get you down

Shanghai is no tropical paradise that provides amazing weather all year round, so likelihood is high that it will rain. I hate bad weather and it can sometimes taint my memory of a city. However, it rained almost the whole time I was there, and my memories are nothing but great! I bought an umbrella from a random street stall, remembered how thankful I was for my waterproof camera, and got inside to try some new food whenever it got really bad. I even went up to the Shanghai World Financial Centre Observatory in some very foggy weather, and it was absolutely worth it.

Go out at night

I didn’t feel particularly comfortable as a solo traveler in Beijing, Datong or Xian at night, but Shanghai was another story. It’s such a cosmopolitan city, and the touristic area of East Nanjing Road is especially vibrant and safe at night. The lights in some areas look just like Times Square, while in others they look like a festive display somewhere in France. Get out into the hustle and bustle, and if you’re up for it, catch an acrobatic show or the local nightlife!