This meat was surprisingly flavorful and moist. I had some extra steak and really wanted to try it in the crockpot for a new and unique recipe. This dish is not hot or spicy and the flavors complement one another in a perfect way. You can pair this dish up with some rice or pasta, bread and a salad.


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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours 30 minutes



  • Trim the fat from meat if any. Cut into four pieces, sprinkle with salt and pepper. In a large skillet brown meat on both sides in hot oil. Transfer to crock pot. In a bowl mix tomatoes, paste, seasoning and Worcestershire sauce, pour over meat in crock pot. Top with peppers. Cover and cook on low for on low for 6 hours.



  1. Michelle Hoy

    Why does the picture show carrots and onion, but the recipe doesn’t list them.

    • Julie

      Where are you seeing carrots?

      • Shellie Bryant

        Onions, yes I see them. But I think those are red peppers, not carrots.

    • Marlene Kovarik

      5 stars
      that is not carrots, it is orange bell pepper.

    • Rita

      I believe you can add anything else you want.

    • Ken Greene

      That’s not carrots, they are the orange peppers.

    • Giovanna Gallego

      WY all the questions it is pepper steak and looks really good thank you

    • Pegy

      I do see the onions but the orange is the peppers

  2. Dee

    Haven’t tried this but the title is deceiving.
    This is steak and peppers yes, but the title Pepper Steak implies an asian dish.

    • Linda

      Dee, I’m sure this recipe was not intentional to be ‘decieving’.. I’m also sure there is an Asian dish called Pepper Steak.
      Pepper Steak
      Steak & peppers, even tho there are 2 diffrent dishes, they have some of the the same ingredients.
      No harm done..

  3. Julie

    There are peppers and there are steak. How is the title saying it’s an Asian dish?

  4. Stacy Keskinarkaus

    Looks yum! I will try this and add cheese and put it in a roll for a sub. I think it will be a hit!

  5. Jo

    There are no carrots or onions. I see peppers.

  6. Cb

    There are definitely onions in there and not in the recipe, also why do you say cut steak into 4 pieces,
    Do you cut into smaller pieces after it’s done, because the recipe looks like chunks of meat?

  7. Patricia

    It looks really tasty but in the pic I’m seeing onion slices, which don’t seem to be in the recipe ingredients. Please advise.

  8. Connie

    So do we slice it up small like I see in pic before we put in crock pot? Also I think sliced onions and mushrooms would be delicious in this. Anyway back to my question. The recipe says to cut into 4 pieces after browning then cut into 4 pieces and put in crockpot when do you slice it up like it is seen in pic?

  9. Bert Darling

    5 stars
    Love all the resapies

  10. Sandra Foster

    This looks awesome!! I am a bit confused though; it said to cut the steak into four (4) pieces. It appears the steak is cut into many more pieces than that and I would think you would want a lot of small pieces for serving.

    • ReAnn

      5 stars
      I’m not complaining because I think both sound and look scrumptious, but the pictures both look more like fajitas to me. I don’t see much difference between pepper steak and fajitas except the seasonings used to make them Mexican or Asian.
      The pictures look great either way! I think I will slice the 4 pieces of meat up into smaller strips once they’re cooked. I think they may cook better in 4 than in a bunch of smaller ones. That’s what many of us do. Experiment with recipes to get them how our family will like them best!

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