Want to send a tasty gift to your neighbours? Why don’t try butter pecan fudge ! Toasted pecans add not only flavour but yummy texture as well. You can also store your fudge for about 10 days if wrapped properly in plastic and placed in the refrigerator. To store the fudge longer, freeze it in the freezer and enjoy it for 3 months. But, before slicing, let it reach 37 degrees Celsius temperature. Preparation time is 5 minutes and, cooking time is 10 minutes. 


Want to send a tasty gift to your neighbours? Why don't try butter pecan fudge! Toasted pecans add not only flavour but yummy texture as well.
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  • Unsalted butter – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Brown Sugar – 1 cup
  • Whipping cream – 1 cup
  • Pure Vanilla extract – 2 tsp
  • Salt – ¼ tsp
  • Powdered sugar – 4 cups
  • Pecan half toasted and chopped – 2 cups


  • Let’s start with making pecan fudge. Take a baking dish and apply some butter.
  • Take powdered sugar in a bowl and keep whisking until clumps are not removed.
  • Turn on medium flame and put a pan on it. Add ingredients including butter, cream, granulated sugar and salt. Keep stirring the mixture until boiling. After it comes to a boil, keep stirring for more than four minutes.
  • Switch off the flame and stir the hot mixture in vanilla and powdered sugar. Keep stirring until you get a smooth texture. Fold the mixture in pecans.
  • Take the folded pecans to the baking dish. Cooldown to 37 degrees Celsius. It may take about 3 hours. Now cut into squares and serve.

Nutritional Facts

In 2 pieces of butter pecan fudges, you enjoy 229 kcal calories; 1 gram of protein; 13 gram of fat; 29 gram of carbs; 1 gram of fibre; 17 mg of calcium; and 0.2 mg of iron. 


  • Do this fudge contains gluten?

No, this fudge is gluten-free and, people with gluten intolerance can consume them safely. 

  • I vanilla extract must use? Can’t I substitute to any other?

You may add any other extract like almonds; or rum, but for a traditional taste, try vanilla only. Still, if you want to use any other, then use only almonds, rum or maple. You still need to add vanilla while trying other extracts. Add vanilla majorly and then ½ tsp of any of the extract. 

  • Is sifting required before adding powdered sugar?

Whisking is required, while sifting makes things easier. 

  • How long should I wait before cutting the fudge?

You should wait until the fudge is properly cooled. It may take 6-8 hours. Use refrigerator if you can’t wait longer.

Tips for cooking butter pecan fudge

  • Try vanilla for traditional flavours.
  • Don’t skip whisking powdered sugar, but try sifting.
  • Toasted pecans taste good but can try simple pecans as well. 

Cook butter penac fudge that makes you taste creamy, buttery bites. Send this homemade fudge to your beloved ones and let them feel special. Try this recipe and must comment that how it tasted? How was your experience? Did you find it easy? We would to hear such responses from you.


  1. Brenda

    In the butter pecan fudge recipe, you didn’t say what to do with brown sugar.

    • Cheryl Tolcher

      Hi Brenda. Looks like someone forgot to proofread the recipe. The brown sugar should be boiled along with those other ingredients. I wish they gave a more exact time and/or temperature to boil, also. “…for more than four minutes” is pretty nonspecific. LOL.

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