The Secret Behind the Native American “Three Sisters” Garden that Grows Abundant Crops with No Fertilizer


For centuries, Native Americans have grown healthy crops together in an ingenious method called the “Three Sisters”. This companion planting technique, which has spiritual meaning in Native culture, maximizes space while eliminating the need for fertilizer.

The three plants – corn, beans, and squash – work together almost like magic:

  • The corn provides a structure for the beans to climb, elevating them towards the sun.
  • The bean plants pull nitrogen from the air and bring it into the soil through their roots, fertilizing the other plants.
  • Low-growing squash vines spread a canopy around the mound, shading out weeds and retaining moisture in the soil.

With the Three Sisters method, each plant benefits the others in a sustainable mini-ecosystem. The Native Americans considered them to be spiritual sisters that thrive together.

The nutritional benefits are immense as well. Corn and beans contain all the amino acids needed to form a complete protein. Add vitamin-rich squash blooming at the base, and you have an ideal balanced meal straight from the earth.

Native Secrets to Growing Your Own Three Sisters Garden

Follow these simple planting steps to create the symbiotic growing environment:

  • Mound soil into 5-ft circular beds
  • Plant corn seeds in circle first
  • Once corn is 6 in tall, sow bean seeds on inside edge
  • Plant squash around outer circle
  • Tie beans vines to corn stalks as they grow

With the proper tall-growing corn varieties and spreading squash, the Three Sisters will work together to form a productive, weed-free garden bed.

Join centuries of Native American heritage by growing the iconic Three Sisters crops. With this easy method, you’ll enjoy abundant harvests and no fertilizing whatsoever!