Comforting Chicken & Noodles Crockpot

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Crockpot recipes are always wholesome and easy to make. They make everything ready for you and there are so many things that you can try. Whenever you feel like eating something lightweight, then you will love this delicious recipe of comforting chicken and noodles crockpot. This homecooked meal is a great hit, especially among kids. Noodles are everyone’s favorite and with juicy chicken shreds, it is the perfect meal. 

I love sharing crockpot recipes and that is only because they can make the meal without your help in the kitchen. And, that is amazing that you can enjoy a yummy meal without working for hours. You can enjoy all kinds of recipes and when it comes to slow-cooked meat you are going to love it. If you are not feeling well and just have to ensure that the meal is made at home, then this recipe is a real life-saver. 

Gone are those days when you had to be in the kitchen all the time and spend hours. Thanks to this crockpot recipe, you are going to enjoy a delicious dinner at home. 

How do you make sure that the chicken and noodles are thick?

Some of us like to enjoy the smooth texture of noodles. So, make sure to mix half a cup of flour with a half cup of stock. It will make the consistency thick just the way you like. 

Can you cook noodles before adding them to the crockpot?

The best thing about the crockpot is that you do not have to make anything before. Just add the frozen noodles to the pot and they have a delicious flavor more than the boiled ones. 

Why do my noodles get mushy?

It could be because your crockpot is small or the temperature was not set right. Maybe you added too many ingredients and did not follow the exact recipe. It can also happen when you add boiled noodles that do not require 2 hours to cook anymore. 

How much time does chicken take to cook?

It takes around 4 hours or a temperature of 165 degrees to cook the chicken in a slow cooker or crockpot. It is better to check the temperature if you are making it for the first time. 

Why are my noodles sticking together?

It happens to a lot of people. Timing is very important when it comes to the cooking of noodles. Do not overcook it and you should use frozen noodles. They taste better and give you the exact consistency you are looking for. 

Comforting Chicken & Noodles Crockpot

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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Comforting Chicken & Noodles Crockpot


  • Cream of chicken soup 2 cans
  • 1 butter stick
  • Frozen egg noodles 1 packet
  • 1 chicken breast You can use frozen, boiled, or any leftovers you have
  • Chicken broth 2 cans


  • Take a crockpot and add the chicken, broth, soup, and butter. Cook it slowly for 6-7 hours and after that shred the chicken in the crockpot.
  • Add the frozen noodles and let them cook for another 2 hours. (Stir them after every 30 minutes too).
  • Your delicious meal is ready to serve hot that your family with enjoy.

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  1. Mercedes

    5 stars
    So far I like what I see. I think I will be happy here.

  2. Kate

    How many people will this serve?

    • Elena Lundy

      This looks so good, thank you. Also, could you tell me how many this recipe will feed??

  3. Shelly

    5 stars
    We love this! I have sautéed some celery and onions for a little more flavor

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