Grow Green Onions at Home: A Simple Container Gardening Guide


Growing green onions in containers is an easy and space-efficient way to enjoy fresh onions year-round. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to successfully grow green onions in pots at home.

What Are Green Onions?

Green onions are young onions harvested before the bulb fully develops. They have long green stems or shoots emerging from small white bulbs. You can use both the green stems and white bulbs in cooking. Green onions offer a mild oniony flavor perfect for sauces, salads, eggs, and more.

Why Grow Green Onions in Containers?

Growing green onions in pots has many advantages:

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  • Requires very little space – perfect for urban gardeners and small balconies
  • Allows harvest year-round
  • Lets you easily control soil quality and drainage
  • Convenient to maintain and harvest from
  • Fun, low-commitment gardening project for beginners

When to Plant

You can sow green onions any time of year. Pot them indoors or outdoors. Just make sure outdoor containers have sun protection during hot summer months. Green onions grow best in temps between 60-80°F.

Choosing a Container

Almost any container with drainage holes will work. Choose one at least 6 inches deep. Size the container width based on desired onion quantity. Bigger pots yield more onions. Galvanized metal pots look beautiful and resist weather, but plastic and ceramic work too.


Use a rich, well-draining organic potting mix. Amend store-bought soil with compost to nourish onions and improve drainage. Moist yet airy soil is ideal.

How to Plant

Plant onion bulb bottoms about 1 inch deep and 1.5 inches apart. Gently firm soil around bulbs. Water lightly after planting. Place pot in full sun.

Caring for Green Onions

Water when soil surface is dry about 1 inch down. Don’t oversaturate. Fertilize every 2-3 weeks with balanced liquid fertilizer. Remove any flowering shoots to redirect energy to leaves. Bring containers indoors if temps dip below 55°F.


Snip green stems with scissors anytime, leaving 2 inches attached to bulb. Stems regrow for multiple cuttings. Bulbs eventually split and deteriorate. Start fresh plants with grocery store green onion bottoms.

Growing onion greens on a sunny patio or windowsill is easy, productive, and fun! This bulletproof container gardening project yields an ongoing supply of fresh onions to take your cooking to the next level.


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