Clover Lawns: 9 Surprising Reasons To Make The Switch Now


Beneficial bugs, gorgeous blooms, and a self-fertilizing, low maintenance green carpet underfoot – could this lawn miracle be clover? Read on to discover 9 science-backed reasons you should make the switch to a clover lawn today.

1. Clover Lawns Are Stunningly Beautiful

Emerald green leaves set off by crimson blooms – does it get any more picture perfect than a clover lawn? Unlike plain grass, clovers liven up your landscape with months of colorful blossoms in white, pink, red and more, which also attracts a flutter of happy pollinators.

2. Drought? No Problem For Water-Thrifty Clover

Say goodbye to spray irrigation systems. Pennystingy clover pulls water from deep in the soil, staying lush and green even during dry spells while grass turns brown. The result? You save big on water bills.

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3. Clover Builds Soil Fertility for Free

While clover gives your soil a natural vitamin boost with its nitrogen-fixing superpowers, plain grass leaches nutrients. Clover lawns skip the chemicals and fertilize themselves. Now that’s smart, sustainable gardening!

4. Clover Resists Weeds, Pests and Dog Spots

No need to wage war on weeds and bugs when clover takes care of it for you. Its dense groundcover chokes out weeds naturally. Meanwhile, beneficial insects flock to clover blooms and snack on pests, not your plants. Dog spots? Clover shrugs them off and stays green no matter what.

5. Clover Means No More Mowing

Ditch the noisy, polluting lawnmower! Clover and grass blends stay short and tidy. For meadowy flowerbeds, mini clovers form velvety green carpets under blooms. However you grow it, clover lawns mean less work for you.

6. Love Bees? Plant Clover!

Butterflies, songbirds, honeybees, wild native bees…clover welcomes every pollinator in your yard by serving up nectar and pollen from spring to fall. When you plant clover, you give at-risk bee populations a fighting chance.

7. Clover Filters Runoff & Protects Waterways

Plain grass offers little erosion control, allowing fertilizer runoff straight into rivers and lakes. Not so with clover. Its deep roots build soil structure, preventing runoff pollution and filtering water before it reaches groundwater.

8. Clover Feeds the Soil Food Web

An entire community of soil organisms depends on the sugars, carbohydrates and organic matter from clover roots. The soil food web returns the favor by unlocking nutrients for clover and nearby plants. This miniature ecosystem keeps your soil healthy.

9. Clover Lawns Are Wildly Affordable

Between lower water, mowing, fertilizer and herbicide costs, a clover lawn saves the average homeowner $120 annually. Plus, clover seeds cost a few pennies compared to sod installation. Simply scatter seeds and water occasionally as it grows. It’s the cheap, eco-friendly lawn solution!

It’s clear: clover offers too many benefits to ignore. This miracle plant builds healthy soil, stays green with little watering or mowing, feeds bees, and saves money – what’s not to love? Switch to a sustainable clover lawn this season!


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