Growing Potatoes In Containers & Pots


Container gardening is a great solution for growers with limited space or unsuitable soil conditions. With the right setup and care, potatoes can thrive in pots, yielding an ample harvest!

Why Choose Containers for Growing Potatoes?

Growing root crops like potatoes in containers offers many benefits:

  • Allows gardening in restricted space or poor, rocky ground
  • Container soil and drainage can be optimized
  • Easier to monitor soil moisture and fertilization
  • Tubers are protected from soil pests

While container yields may be less than in-ground, a significant harvest is achievable with good planning and plant care.

How Do Potatoes Grow in Containers?

Potatoes grow differently than many common veggies. As shoots emerge from seed tubers, more soil is mounded up around the stems. This “hilling” process covers up more of the plant and leads to more extensive root and potato development underground.

The key is progressively burying stems to expand the productive growing area.

Choosing the Best Containers for Potatoes

Container selection greatly impacts success when cultivating potatoes. Consider these two key factors:

Size Matters

Adequate room for hilling is critical. Since roots rely solely on container capacity, choose large, deep pots. This allows space for potatoes to expand beneath the soil.

Drainage is Crucial

Excellent drainage prevents tubers from rotting in wet soil. Pick containers with holes in the bottom or add your own. Plastic bins work if they have sufficient permeability.

Creating an Optimal Soil Environment

Quality potting mix keeps plants fed and helps retain moisture. For potatoes, use soil with a pH around 5.0-5.2.

As containers are prone to nutrient deficiencies, add organic slow-release fertilizer when first planting.

Caring For Container Potatoes

Potatoes need consistent soil moisture and temperatures of

65-70°F. Full sun is recommended, but too much direct heat is problematic.

After hilling, applying mulch helps regulate temperature and retain moisture while protecting tubers.

Provide regular watering without saturating the soil. Continue hilling more soil as stems grow upwards.

Maximizing Your Container Potato Harvest

Once potato plants flower, carefully dig up “new potatoes” for immediate consumption. For longer storage, wait until vines brown and die back before harvesting “storage potatoes”.

Gently remove mature tubers, rinse off excess soil then store in a cool, dark place for several weeks.

Top Varieties for Containers

These potato varieties offer excellent container performance:


  • Yellow skin, moist flesh
  • Perfect for potato salads


  • Creamy white potato
  • Great all-purpose choice

Purple Majesty

  • Vibrant purple skin and flesh
  • Unique visual appeal

Yukon Gold

  • Classic buttery yellow spud
  • Retains shape when boiled

Burbank Russet

  • Fluffy texture, high starch content
  • Superior baking potato

Follow these tips for a successful container potato harvest!