Taco Pizza Recipe


Taco Pizza, a delightful fusion of Mexican and Italian culinary traditions, is gradually earning a special place in dinner tables worldwide. Its charm lies not just in its flavors but also in its ingredients. The base consists of the ever-popular pizza dough, but its toppings are what set it apart.

Ultimate Taco Pizza Recipe

From the sauces to the toppings, Taco Pizza borrows heavily from the taco world. Instead of the traditional marinara, Taco Pizza uses refried beans and salsa. The seasoned taco meat, usually beef, is another quintessential element. But let’s not forget about the gooey cheese, which melds everything together in a harmonious blend of flavors.

For those who wish to add more depth and variety, ingredients such as black olives, tomatoes, green onions, and sour cream are highly recommended. It’s not uncommon to find many who add olives out of sheer habit! But the choice of toppings is where one can truly personalize their Taco Pizza.

However, as with any dish, the quality of ingredients plays a pivotal role. Always ensure to use fresh produce and high-quality meat. Also, if one wishes to truly elevate the dish, considering making a Taco Casserole can be a delightful variation to explore.

How Does the Base of Taco Pizza Differ from Traditional Pizzas?

Taco Pizza is an exciting culinary experiment that marries the hearty flavors of tacos with the universal appeal of pizzas. While at first glance, it might seem like just another type of pizza, the base of a Taco Pizza stands out distinctly when compared to its traditional counterparts.

Traditional pizzas predominantly rely on a marinara or tomato-based sauce to provide that tangy undernote to the toppings. However, Taco Pizza boldly steps away from this norm. Instead of marinara, it uses a combination of refried beans and salsa. This switch not only imparts a distinctly Mexican flavor profile but also offers a different texture to the base.

Furthermore, while most pizzas use mozzarella or a similar type of cheese, Taco Pizza allows for more variety. One can opt for cheddar, Monterey Jack, or even a combination of multiple cheeses. This flexibility ensures that every bite is a delightful mix of creamy and spicy flavors.

Another distinction lies in the choice of dough. While the preferred base for Taco Pizza is pizza dough, some people have experimented with crescent rolls or even crescent roll dough. But for the authentic experience, it’s widely acknowledged that pizza dough is the ideal choice.

Taco Pizza’s base, with its unconventional sauces and potential for varied doughs, exemplifies culinary innovation. For those keen on exploring similar Mexican-inspired dishes, the Mexican Taco Lasagna is a must-try!

Can I Use Alternatives like Crescent Roll Dough for Taco Pizza?

Absolutely! The world of culinary arts is all about innovation and experimentation. While the traditional base for Taco Pizza is pizza dough, there’s nothing stopping you from using alternatives like crescent roll dough.

The choice of base can drastically alter the texture and flavor profile of the Taco Pizza. Pizza dough, being denser, provides a more substantial bite, allowing the toppings to shine. On the other hand, crescent roll dough offers a lighter, flakier texture which can be a delightful change for those looking for a more pastry-like experience.

However, when using crescent roll dough, it’s essential to be wary of the baking time and temperature. Crescent roll dough tends to cook faster and can get too crispy if left in the oven for too long. Always ensure to monitor the pizza closely to avoid overbaking.

Another point to consider is the spread of the toppings. Given the lighter nature of crescent roll dough, it might be advisable to go easy on heavy toppings. Balance is key, so ensure that the toppings complement the base and don’t overpower it.

While pizza dough remains a classic choice, using alternatives like crescent roll dough can introduce a fresh twist to the traditional Taco Pizza. For those interested in more taco-inspired dishes, the Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza offers a fantastic culinary adventure.

Making Taco Pizza Appealing for Picky Eaters

When it comes to picky eaters, variety often poses a challenge. But, Taco Pizza, with its amalgamation of flavors and textures, offers ample room for customization, ensuring that even the fussiest of eaters can find something to love.

To begin with, the dough can act as a blank canvas. While some might prefer the rich, robust texture of pizza dough, others might incline towards the light flakiness of crescent roll dough. Understand the eater’s preference and choose accordingly.

Next comes the sauce. Traditional Taco Pizzas use a combination of refried beans and salsa as the base. But if beans are a no-go, consider using only salsa or even a milder tomato sauce. Sometimes, even a creamy cheese sauce can do the trick!

The choice of protein can also vary. While seasoned taco beef is standard, one can opt for milder proteins like grilled chicken or even tofu. Seasoning adjustments, like reducing the spiciness, can also help cater to different palates.

When it comes to toppings, the sky’s the limit! From olives to bell peppers, mushrooms to corn, the options are endless. Perhaps a mild cheese, like mozzarella, can be a safer bet than the stronger flavored cheddar.

A pro tip is to involve the picky eater in the cooking process. Let them choose their toppings or even assemble their mini Taco Pizza. This inclusion not only makes the dish more appealing but also adds a fun activity to the mix.

Lastly, presentation matters. Make the Taco Pizza colorful, maybe use ingredients to create fun patterns or smiley faces. A visually appealing dish often becomes an appetizing one. And while you’re experimenting with taco-inspired dishes, introducing picky eaters to variations like the Mexican Taco Lasagna might be another delightful culinary journey to embark on!

The Ideal Toppings for an Authentic Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza, an exquisite blend of Mexican and Italian cuisines, owes its authenticity to the toppings. These toppings not only enhance the flavor but also provide the dish with its distinctive character.

A fundamental topping, setting the base, is a mixture of refried beans and salsa. This duo replaces the traditional tomato-based pizza sauce, infusing the dish with a rich, hearty feel reminiscent of tacos.

Seasoned taco meat, predominantly beef, forms the primary protein layer. This meat, flavored with spices like cumin, chili powder, and garlic, adds a robust flavor profile, elevating the Taco Pizza’s authenticity.

Cheese is another non-negotiable topping. While mozzarella is a favorite for traditional pizzas, for Taco Pizza, consider using cheeses like cheddar or Monterey Jack. Their melt-in-mouth texture and pronounced taste contribute significantly to the dish’s overall palate.

Additional toppings can include black olives, tomatoes, and green onions. Each of these imparts a unique flavor and texture. For instance, black olives add a hint of bitterness, tomatoes offer a refreshing tang, and green onions give a mild crunch.

For garnish and an added zest, a dollop of sour cream works wonders. Not only does it introduce a creamy texture but also balances out the spices, making every bite a delightful experience.

It’s worth noting that while these are the traditional toppings, Taco Pizza offers ample scope for innovation. One can always add or subtract ingredients based on personal preferences. And, if you’re on the hunt for more taco-themed recipes, don’t miss out on the Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza for a delightful twist on this concept.

Ultimate Taco Pizza Recipe

Taco Pizza Recipe

Merge the rich traditions of Mexican and Italian cuisine with this delectable Taco Pizza. Featuring a blend of savory beef, beans, salsa, and molten cheese atop a crispy crust, it’s an exciting alternative for Taco Tuesday enthusiasts looking to diversify their menu.
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 10


  • Pizza dough 12-16 ounces, based on preferred crust thickness
  • 1 lb of quality ground beef
  • Taco seasoning 1 packet
  • Refried beans 1 can of 15 ounces
  • Salsa 1/4 cup
  • Cheddar or Mexican blend cheese 2 cups, shredded
  • Sliced olives ~1/4 cup


  • Fresh diced tomatoes
  • green onion slices
  • creamy sour cream
  • tangy taco sauce


  • Start by allowing the pizza dough to settle at room temperature for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, brown the beef in a spacious skillet. Introduce the taco seasoning, incorporating the water as mentioned on the seasoning packet. Cook as directed and then set aside.
  • Preheat your oven to a toasty 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Skillfully press or roll out the dough onto your chosen pizza pan or stone. Sizes can vary from 12-inch to larger variants (check notes).
  • Give it an initial bake of 8 minutes, then retrieve from the oven.
  • In a mixing bowl, amalgamate refried beans and salsa. Gently spread this mixture over your semi-cooked pizza crust. Depending on the pan’s size, you might adjust the quantity.
  • Evenly distribute the seasoned beef, cheese, and olives atop. Bake for a further 5 minutes or until you witness a delightful cheese melt. Upon removal, garnish with tomatoes and green onions. Optionally, center a generous dollop of sour cream or allow individual servings. Drizzle taco sauce for an added zing.


Pizza dough can be crafted at home or procured from local bakeries, typically priced around $2. Depending on the desired crust density, a 12-inch pan can offer a thicker base, while 14-inch or 16-inch pans can provide a slimmer option. A 9×13 pan is also a suitable alternative.


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